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Grand x100

Opening of a unique x100 server, scheduled for September! We have 4 years of stable work!

Game Play

Our servers have a unique assembly of Season 4 Ultra. A lot of new locations, items, customs!

Server Balance

On our server, a fully customized balance of characters and game economy of the server!

First Castle Siege

Congratulations to the Converseguild on winning the first castle siege!

A store on the site and a shop in the game is now available, a seller of 4-5 wings in Arkania 222.64 has also been added.

In honor of the opening of the store 30% discount until December 25 inclusive!

BankEx added, more in the server description.

And minor fixes: Grand Boss is now rep at Debender point 51x79, Fixed NPC TvT Event, Respawn after death in Uruke, transfers to Arkania, improved anti-cheat protection and minor corrections in class balance!

Please everyone update the client with the game through Launcher.exe or download the update HERE

Everyone enjoy the game!

Posted 22 / 12 / 2019 By admin123

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